ambulance services

Available 24 hours 7 days a week with 24 hour dispatcher on call

Best Care Ambulance, Inc. operates transports from:

  • hospital to hospital
  • rehabilitation centers
  • nursing homes
  • doctors offices
  • residences
  • hospital medical appointments

Non-Emergency Basic Life Support (BLS), Lic #97

BLS transports are provided by a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for basic medical needs such as: Airway monitoring, oxygen administration and monitoring of vital signs.

Advanced Life Support (ALS), Lic # 97

ALS transports are provided by either a National Registered EMT-I or National Registered EMT-P (Paramedic), with the ability to use cardiac monitors, advanced airway equipment, and IV therapy/medications. Each ALS unit is equipped with advanced radio communications so that consultations can be made between doctors at the hospital for additional orders if necessary.

Specialty Care Transports (SCT), Lic # 97 also in partnership with Maryland Express Care , Lic# 52

SCT transports provide a licensed registered nurse to administer critical care medical needs.

Wheelchair Van Transportation

Our wheelchair vans are Maryland licensed and equipped with a pull-out ramp and a 4 point restraint and wheel locking system.

For pricing, availability, and/or info; call us at 410-476-3688 or 410-758-1999.


Best Care Ambulance provides long-distance transportation out of state if it is within approved mileage radius.